Cultural Jambalaya’s Annual Event

Cultural Jam’s 2022 Event

Dr. Lee-Ann Stephens

2022 Diversity Award winner Dr. Lee-Ann Stephens, equity leader and teacher at St. Louis Park Schools.

Chef Yia Vang

James Beard Award finalist Chef Yia Vang spoke about Hmong traditions and cultural diversity.

Jearlyn Steele

Emmy Award-winning Jearlyn Steele entertained. 

CJ Auction

Cultural Jam’s Executive Director Gail Shore, Executive Producer Kevin May and entertainer Jearlyn Steele at the live auction.

Cultural Jam’s 2021 Event

Ann Merrill

Chair of the Board, Ann Merrill, welcomed attendees.

Dr. Joe Hobot

Dr. Joe Hobot, President & CEO of American Indian OIC, spoke about educational disparities in K-12 schools.

Minnesota Chorale

Steve Cramer directs an ensemble from the Minnesota Chorale.

Gail and Kevin

Producer Kevin May and Executive Director Gail Shore updated attendees about Cultural Jambalaya’s current “Seen By Me” video series and showcased the new upcoming series “Seen By Me in the USA.”