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Seen By Me Video Series:

Cultural Jambalaya’s collaboration with ProjectExplorer/EXPLR Media brings free multi-media content and lesson plans to millions of students. Crafted for younger students ages 7-13, the video series, called Seen By Me, also engages youth using popular social media platforms.

Seen By Me in the USA

Cultural Jambalaya has begun to produce its next video series called Seen By Me in the USA.In the new multi-episode series geared toward Middle School students, we’ll learn how people in the USA are keeping their ancestry alive today. Featuring food, art, craft and culture, we’ll explore how ideas, processes and skills can be powerful tools for preserving heritage and what it means for future generations. The free series will include hashtags to maximize social media and to invite student engagement. Click here to watch a trailer:

To see our first episode featuring Hmong Chef Yia Vang click here.


 Windows and Mirrors

The award-winning Windows & Mirrors video series features images and narratives from across the globe, including Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.  Designed for middle school and high school students, educators use the videos and study guides — available without charge — as creative teaching tools in the classroom to illustrate our diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Windows & Mirrors theme is based on the “Curriculum as Window & Mirror” essay – first published in Listening for All Voices, Oak Knoll School monograph, Summit, NJ, 1988.

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