Board of Directors

Amy Crawford
Amy is the principal of Amy Crawford Consulting LLC and provides nonprofit and philanthropic guidance to Cultural Jambalaya.


beth hawkins Beth Hawkins
Beth is a national education reporter and provides educational consultation and social media support.

Rayla Allison Rachel Hicks
Rachel is the director of communications and public relations at Intermediate District 287. She provides educational consultation and social media support.

Ann Merrill Ann Merrill
Ann is the manager of marketing and communications at American Indian OIC. She is the chair of Cultural Jambalaya’s Board of Directors and is on the Executive Committee. She provides cultural diversity and communications guidance.

Colleen NeedlesColleen Needles Steward
Colleen is the CEO of Tremendous! Entertainment. She provides production support and produces Cultural Jambalaya’s Windows & Mirrors videos series.

Bondo NyembweBondo Nyembwe
Bondo is the assistant superintendent for the Columbia Heights School District. He provides educational consultation.

Gail ShoreGail Shore
Gail is the president of Shore to Shore Communications, Inc. and Cultural Jambalaya’s founder and executive director. Gail manages day-to-day operations..


Jennifer VerlyJennifer Verly
Jen is a principal at DS+B Accountants and is on Cultural Jambalaya’s Executive Committee. She provides financial consultation.

Creative Partners

• Seen By Me videos are co-produced by Hi-Fly’n Productions’ Kevin May and ProjectExplorer’s Zoe D’Amato.

• Windows & Mirrors videos produced by Tremendous! Entertainment, Colleen Needles Steward, Executive Producer; and Hi-Fly’n Productions, Kevin May, Producer

• Windows & Mirrors video cover designs, artwork; and Cultural Jambalaya database management by Colle + McVoy

• Cultural Jambalaya website management by Josh Carlisle, Compass Programming, LLC

• Event planning by RSVPeterson Event Planning

• Cultural Jambalaya social media management by Julie Rodriguez and Susan Brott of CESO Communications,


Key Advisors

Grayce Belvedere Young

Susan Brott

Jenny Buccos

Josh Carlisle

Zoe D’Amato

Christine Fruechte

Amy Gohman

Kevin May

James Peterson

Chris Rasmussen

Julie Rodriguez

Jean Shore

Brad Smith