Seen By Me in the USA

Exploring how people connect to,
and communicate their heritage
through Food, Art, Craft and Culture

Cultural Jambalaya is in production of its next video series called Seen By Me in the USA. In the new multi-episode series geared toward Middle School students, we’ll learn how people in the USA are keeping their ancestry alive today.

Click here to watch the series’ trailer:

Our inspiring contributors all champion the preservation of heritage through different ideas, processes and skills, both personally and professionally. In each episode, we ask a set of simple questions: Who, what, why, where, when and how does your heritage inform your actions? With the spotlight on one contributor per episode, Seen By Me in the USA is a celebration of diversity and imagination, and will include hashtags to maximize social media and to invite student engagement.

#MyFood explores a traditional, celebratory, or spiritual dish.

#MyArt explores dance, music, visual or performance art.

#MyCraft explores handmade creations.

#MyCulture explores ceremonies, rites, rituals, and traditions.