Cultural Jambalaya’s Strategic Partners

Cultural Jambalaya is proud to have strategic alliances with several organizations that share our mission of advancing multicultural and ethnic diversity. These relationships cross-promote our educational programs and expand our reach to new teachers, students, organizations and communities. Use the tabs to the right to view each organization.



EXPLR Media, Jenny Buccos, founder and CEO, EXPLR


  • Seen By Me videos are produced by Hi-Fly’n Productions, Kevin May, Executive Producer; and by Producers Zoe D’Amato and LaDonna Huseby. Videography by John Overby and Jack Steward.
  • Windows & Mirrors videos produced by Tremendous! Entertainment, Colleen Needles Steward, Executive Producer; and Hi-Fly’n Productions, Kevin May, Producer
  • Windows & Mirrors video cover designs, artwork; and Cultural Jambalaya database management by Colle + McVoy
  • Cultural Jambalaya website management by Josh Carlisle, Compass Programming, LLC
  • Event planning by RSVPeterson Event Planning