Here’s what leaders and teachers say

Andrew Zimmern

James Beard Award-winning host and co-creator of Travel Channel’s ‘Bizarre Foods’

Andrew Zimmern

“Cultural Jambalaya and I share the same values about our place in the world. We both have a sincere appreciation and respect for all cultures, which I believe is illustrated in our work. Cultural Jambalaya uses Gail’s photography to show us the relevance of the world, and I achieve the same thing by telling stories through food exploration. Both aim to provide creative insights into the fascinating cultures that make up our rich global community.”


Kristi Rudelius-Palmer

Human Rights Leader and Advocate

Cultural Jambalaya’s videos provide a foundational lens into diverse cultures throughout the world. This lens helps viewers of all ages understand a shared humanity while opening a door to exciting new discoveries and cultural adventures. It is in learning other’s stories and cultures that we can break down barriers of discrimination and disparities, which keep us from growing to our full human potential.  The videos should be seen and discussed in classrooms and communities everywhere!

Joe Cavanaugh

Founder and CEO
Youth Frontiers, Inc.

Cultural Jambalaya’s videos are a stunning visual representation of the cultural diversity around the globe. Although the images transport us far away to places many of us will never have a chance to visit ourselves, it is amazing to see how important values such as goodness, moral courage, wisdom and justice are stalwarts in each community that each video illuminates.


Cari-Ana Garcia Luna

Social Studies Teacher

I have used the video series in World Geography to teach culture, environment and country comparisons, as well as to analyze stereotypes. I have used the videos in Humanities to teach about globalization and for Current Events discussions as background on areas of the world that are mentioned in the news such as the Middle East. I have even used them as writing prompts for short essays: cultural traits, value of global knowledge and value of world heritage sites.

The videos have helped students understand the importance of a global education and have given them the background knowledge they need to better understand what is happening in the world. The students learn to see beauty and progress in a different way, to question their own assumptions about people in the world, and to understand the value of their own culture.


Grade 9 teacher
I appreciate Cultural Jambalaya’s focus of celebrating diversity and your awareness of cultural decline. I also use the videos for country research projects: writing on humanistic ideals presented in the video, e.g. Universal needs/belonging and extinction of cultures.


Grades 7-12 teacher
Great images allow my students to see places many will never see and give voice to peoples’ needs. I found high school standards for Sociology/Anthropology are met in all the scenes.


Grades 9-12 teacher

The effect of the videos on my students is amazingly successful and the results are fantastic. The online lesson plans provided are extremely adaptable. The students write essays, which were thoughtful and expressive. I’ll use it over and over again.


College Level teacher
I sing the praises of the videos to my peers. I use the videos in the five themes of Geography: Location; Movement; Human/Environment interaction; Regions; and Place.


Grades 6-8 teacher
The video series has a wide range of topics I use with students. It also has a good message about cultural and personal similarities that makes me feel better about being a world citizen.


Grade 11 teacher
I like the mind set shown on the videos that we have differences under the surface, but really, we are quite similar. The videos are an excellent introduction to an Ethnic Studies, Geography and World History courses.


Grades 11-12 teacher
I teach travel and cultural lifestyles with history and geography.  The videos add color and life to “dry” textbooks! The video’s historical geography is great for my high school course of World History and Geography.


Grades 9-12 teacher

I think Cultural Jambalaya’s video series is for all students in all classes. I use the videos with students in my Geography class. It opens up a lot of discussion. Absolutely awesome!


Grade 6 teacher
Cultural Jambalaya has inspired me and caused me to make so many connections to both my own world travels as well as sharing this with my students. The possibilities of how the videos can be used in the classroom are endless!


Grades 9-10 teacher
I use the videos as a “kick off” into my Ethnic Studies class. The photos are a springboard as we examine cultural studies.


Grades 10-12 teacher
Impressive photos of human geography – fun to see similarities and differences of those around the globe. Photo/cultural analysis.