Cultural Jambalaya has released Windows & Mirrors: Asia, the newest video in our Educational Series. The video showcases the diverse, historic and traditional cultures of Asia — from the Pacific Rim, extending west to India and Russia.

Features include:

  • Mysterious and forbidden North Korea, exotic tribes of Myanmar, peaceful Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Mongolia’s magical Gobi, China’s massive Great Wall, ancient dynasties of Japan, Cambodia
  • World Heritage Sites featuring Angkor Wat, Potala, Luong Prabong, Taj Mahal, Red Square’s St. Basil
  • Rooted traditions vs. explosive growth in China, India, Russia; agrarian life in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand
  • Mass Games in Pyongyang; stunning Himalayas of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, including Mt. Everest
  • Spiritual diversity of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Islam and Christianity