Windows & Mirrors: THE MIDDLE EAST includes images and narratives highlighting the fascinating people and intriguing cultures of the Middle East. Supported by an online study guide, the video is a resource for Middle School and High School teachers to engage students in a variety of subjects, including social studies, geography, history, diversity and language.

Designed to spawn discussion, the Middle East video showcases the historic and traditional cultures of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon.

Features include:

  • Ancient archeological sites of Palmyra, Luxor, Jerash, Ephesus, Baalbek, Petra and Abu Simbel
  • Rich Bekaa Valley and rolling hills of Izmir; mesmerizing Mediterranean and legendary Red Sea
  • Spiritual significance of the Jordan River, Summit of Mt. Sinai, Dome of the Rock and St. Simeon
  • Magical fortress of Masada, cedar forests of Lebanon, dead scrolls of Qumran
  • Bedouin nomads and shepherds, bustling commercial centers; and peaceful kibbutzim and lively souks
  • Complex intersection of Islam, Judaism, Christianity and new religions, and their intriguing traditions

Features include:

  • Countless belief systems, principles and philosophies
  • Intriguing indigenous spiritual practices and captivating traditional ceremonies
  • Faith’s common moral guidance: The Golden Rule
  • Religions deeply rooted in history, tradition and nature
  • Extraordinary religious architecture and historic design

Module 1
Getting Around

Module 4


Module 7


Module 2
World Heritage Sites

Module 5
Religions and Spirituality


Module 3

Module 6
Customs and Rituals