Windows & Mirrors: Africa

Windows & Mirrors: AFRICA showcases African people and their cultures, rituals and religions. To begin to break down cultural barriers, the video asks students to admire and value each other’s similarities as well as their differences. Designed to stimulate discussion, the video highlights the diverse, historic and traditional cultures of Africa – from Casablanca, Morocco in the desert north, extending south to the continent’s tip in Cape Town, South Africa.

Features include:

  • Fascinating indigenous cultures of the Himba, Ashanti, Bushman, Maasai, Zulu, Ovambo and Dogon peoples
  • The blending of religions, such as Christianity and Islam with traditional spiritual practices
  • Spectacular herds and migrations of animals that star in the most extensive wildlife show on earth
  • Historic sites from ancient mosques in Timbuktu to kasbahs in Marrakech and slave castles in Cape Coast
  • Colorful rituals and festive ceremonies that celebrate birth, death, marriage and initiation
  • Iconic landscapes of Ngorongoro, Serengeti, the Arabian Desert and the Great Rift Valley

Module 1
Getting Around

Module 4

Module 7

Module 2
World Heritage Sites

Module 5
Religions and Spirituality

Module 8
Global Perspectives

Module 3

Module 6
Customs and Rituals